Rapes at Occupy Wall Street, Not at Tea Parties

Ever since the May Day riots I’ve been poking fun at the idea that the Occupy (name of your town here) movement has anything in common with the Tea Party movement. In recent posts I’ve pointed out, for the benefit of Occupy movement supporters, that Tea Partiers don’t plant bombs, and that Tea Partiers don’t vandalize parked cars to hurt random strangers.

Today I’d like to underscore another difference between the two groups: Tea Partiers don’t rape each other. 

Sexual assult is a common problem at Occupy camps, exacerbated by the fact that some of the Occupy organizers discourage victims of sexual assult from calling the police.

Rape, of course, is not the only form of crime common in Occupy camps. Crime and the Occupy movement go hand in hand, as illustrated by this recent National Review article. Occupiers have been arrested on weapons charges; for assult; for urinating, defecating, and masturbating in public; for intimidating young children on their way too school; and for public drunkenness and drug use.

 But it seems that rapes at Occupy camps are an especially common occurrence, and many Occupy thugs are more concerned with covering up the problem than they are with putting a stop to it.

It should be easy for any honest person to admit that there is a world of difference between the decent Americans who make up the Tea Party movement and the criminals and deadbeats who make up the Occupy mob.

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