“Occupy Seattle” and Vandalism

Since May Day, when the Occupy Wall Street crowd showed their true colors, I’ve been writing blog posts mocking the liberal claim that the Occupy mob is a legitimate and respectable political movement like the Tea Parties. Yesterday I made the point that Tea Partiers don’t try to murder random strangers by blowing up highway bridges. Today I’ll  make a few observations about the misanthropic thugs of Occupy Seattle.

The website of a local TV station in Seattle interviewed some tourists whose cars were vandalized by the Occupy crowd on May Day. One visiting church pastor, whose car was smashed up and spray-painted, was still trying to impute pure motives to the Occupiers: “It’s pretty amazing to see people lash out and take it out on innocent people like that, their opinions and their passions,” he said, “I don’t know if that’s the best way to go about what they’re trying to accomplish.”

The pastor is wrong, of course. Mindless, anti-social destruction is exactly what the Occupy Seattle troglodytes were trying to accomplish.

A Seattle Times article described how a few dozen Occupiers were able to use the support of the crowd to hide their weapons and their activities. The designated hit men would change clothes, run out of the crowd to smash a few windows, then run back into the crowd to change their clothes again and disappear.

In the end, the police were able to identify and arrest only a handful of the perpetrators, including four who assaulted policemen while being arrested.

I’ve attended a couple of the Tea Party events in the Seattle area, and I can testify that they are just like Occupy Seattle events; except of course for the lack of violence, the lack of generalized hatred of everything and everyone, the lack of senseless destruction of other people’s property, the obvious boredom of the one token cop who is assigned to be there; and the pristine, trash-free appearance of the area when the Tea Partiers leave.

Other than that, the two movements are just the same.

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