No Liberal is Pro-Choice

We have evolved to need coercion.   Harvard professor Daniel E. Lieberman

The partisan fight over Governor Scott Walker’s “Act 10” law in Wisconsin is just the latest illustration of the importance of coercion to the political agenda of the left. Prior to the enactment of Act 10, public employees in Wisconsin had union dues automatically deducted from their paychecks. They had no choice in the matter, and that’s the way liberals liked it.

Walker’s new law gave the each government employee the right to chose whether his money goes to the union, and earned Walker the undying enmity of the union leaders, Democrats around the nation, and the left in general. The outrage that Walker’s law engendered demonstrates pretty clearly that conservatives, rather than liberals, should be the ones generally be identified as “pro-choice.”
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Bureaucrats are Democrats

All eyes will be on Wisconsin Tuesday as voters take to the polls for the state’s Governor-vs-government special election. The crux of the issue, as anyone who’s been paying attention knows, is that the state’s public employees are trying to use a recall election to replace a Republican Governor with a Democrat.

The Wisconsin recall effort underscores a little-understood fact about American politics. While elected public officials can be Republicans or Democrats, the overwhelming majority of civilian government employees everywhere, including virtually all the public school teachers, are loyal Democrats. America’s two party system of government applies only to the politicians, not to the bureaucrats.
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Will Democrats Trash the White House Again?

After all the left wing vandalism of May Day, I’ve just been doing a little Internet research about the vandalism in the White House when Bill Clinton’s aides were preparing to turn the place over to their Republican successors. There are any number of web pages on the subject, most of then on leftist sites. If you google the words “Clinton aides trashed the White House,” the first dozen or so hits are pages on left wing sites, all declaring that the White House vandalism story was a hoax perpetrated by lying conservatives.
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Happy “Earth Hour”

This Saturday has been designated, by the crazy left wing “environmentalists” who determine such things, as the day for the first International Earth Hour.Concerned citizens of the Planet are supposed to get out of their cars, turn off their lights, and sit in the dark for an hour to show their unity with Nature.  The website designates 8:30 PM as the official start of Earth Hour, but does not specify whether that is 8:30 PM in one particular time zone, or 8:30 PM in each time zone on Earth. Perhaps there are 24 Earth Hours; it’s hard to say.

One thing is sure. Any and all Earth Hours will take place on March 31, the birthday of global warming Profit of Doom Al Gore.
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