Liberals Still Oppose Missile Defense

The President made news on Monday when he inadvertently let a news microphone pick up his negotiations with Russian President Medvedev over the subject of the European missile defense system. President Obama implied that he would be willing to kill the missile shield program once his re-election campaign is over and he is safely back in the White House.

It’s no surprise that President Obama would be willing to kill the life-saving program. American leftists have been fighting against the idea of a missile shield ever since President Reagan first proposed it on March 23 of 1983.

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Obama Kills Missile Defense?

President Obama got to close to a live microphone on Monday, and let the press overhear a conversation that was supposed to be confidential. In what he thought was a private conversation, Obama asked Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to stop complaining about America’s planned European missile shield until he, President Obama, has been safely re-elected. The obvious implication was that the US would cancel the program, as Russia has been demanding, once the US President can afford to ignore what the American people think.

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