Race-Based Campaigning

It’s a little shocking to see how President Obama and Governor Romney are campaigning against each other purely on the basis of race. I’ve just been reading some literature from the organizations the two Presidential candidates have put together to build support among their respective racial groups: White Americans for Romney, and African Americans for Obama.

Each makes the same basic appeal, which can be characterized as “vote for this candidate because his skin color is the same as yours.”
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How White is George Zimmerman?

In yesterday’s post  I questioned the liberal portrayal of George Zimmerman as a white supremacist.

The media demonization of Zimmerman as a white racist has been so complete that Jesse Jackson was able to call it a miscarriage of justice when Zimmerman was released from jail on bail, pending trial. “Tomorrow Mr. Zimmerman’s freedom will be restored,” said Jackson, “This decision cheapens black life.”
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