Occupy Wall Street’s Anthrax Hoax – Tea Partiers Don’t Do This

Ever since the craziness of May Day I’ve been mocking those liberals, like President Obama, who have tried to draw a parallel between the Occupy Wall Street mob and the Tea Party movement. I’ve pointed out several key differences between the two movements; Tea Partiers don’t plant bombs under bridges, Tea Partiers don’t smash their neighbor’s cars, Tea Partiers don’t rape each other at their meeting places…

Today I’ll briefly touch on another key difference. Tea Partiers don’t terrorize mail room workers with fake anthrax weapons.
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Rapes at Occupy Wall Street, Not at Tea Parties

Ever since the May Day riots I’ve been poking fun at the idea that the Occupy (name of your town here) movement has anything in common with the Tea Party movement. In recent posts I’ve pointed out, for the benefit of Occupy movement supporters, that Tea Partiers don’t plant bombs, and that Tea Partiers don’t vandalize parked cars to hurt random strangers.

Today I’d like to underscore another difference between the two groups: Tea Partiers don’t rape each other. 
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“Occupy Seattle” and Vandalism

Since May Day, when the Occupy Wall Street crowd showed their true colors, I’ve been writing blog posts mocking the liberal claim that the Occupy mob is a legitimate and respectable political movement like the Tea Parties. Yesterday I made the point that Tea Partiers don’t try to murder random strangers by blowing up highway bridges. Today I’ll  make a few observations about the misanthropic thugs of Occupy Seattle.
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