Occupy Wall Street’s Anthrax Hoax – Tea Partiers Don’t Do This

Ever since the craziness of May Day I’ve been mocking those liberals, like President Obama, who have tried to draw a parallel between the Occupy Wall Street mob and the Tea Party movement. I’ve pointed out several key differences between the two movements; Tea Partiers don’t plant bombs under bridges, Tea Partiers don’t smash their neighbor’s cars, Tea Partiers don’t rape each other at their meeting places…

Today I’ll briefly touch on another key difference. Tea Partiers don’t terrorize mail room workers with fake anthrax weapons.

Some leftist group sent fake anthrax envelopes to several New York bank branches, and to the parent company of the conservative Fox News Network, intending for the envelopes to be delivered and opened on May Day. Even ABC news refers to the hoax as a “May Day protest.”

The terror value of the hoax comes for the Anthrax attacks of 2001, which took place in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. The envelopes of white powder mailed to politicians and media companies in that attack killed five people and infected seventeen others.

The leaders of Occupy Wall Street have denied involvement in the May Day hoax for obvious reasons, but the timing and choice of targets points pretty clearly to a left wing group. Given the anti-bank sentiments of the Occupy movement, it seems likely that someone sympathetic to the movement was involved in this act of terrorism.

Politics being what it is, it probably won’t be long before some prominent liberal tries to say, once again, that the Occupy thugs are just a liberal version of the Tea Party movement. The response to this claim should be a hearty laugh.

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