Soccer Dangerous for Girls (but Ground Combat Isn’t?)

MSNBC published an interesting story last week. The American Journal of Sports Medicine has published a study showing that female soccer players suffer concussions about twice as often as male players. A doctor named Bob Cantu is leading the charge to change the rules for girls’ soccer:

Dr. Cantu has made the bold proposal that heading be eliminated from youth soccer under the age of 14.  He said girls, because of their anatomy, may be especially vulnerable to concussions.

“Girls as a group have far weaker necks,” Cantu said.  “The same force delivered to a girl’s head spins the head much more because of the weak neck than it does the guys.”

If Dr. Cantu cared more about Political Correctness, and less about the health and safety of American girls, he’d be saying just the opposite. The PC attitude would be that boys and girls should play on the same teams, and that segregating them into separate leagues is unfair discrimination against the girls.

I find it interesting that doctors and parents are willing to keep girls from butting heads with boys on the soccer field, and even to give the girls different rules to play by, to protect the girls from injury; while social engineers in the Obama administration want to put women combat situations in the Marine Corps.

So girls and boys can’t play soccer by the same rules, even when the leagues are segregated, but female Marines can fight hand-to-hand with Taliban soldiers in some rural village in Afghanistan?

Political Correctness is an amazing thing.

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