Friday Links and Notes May 18

 Happy Friday, readers. It’s been another busy week for political news.

Here in Seattle the local police department is under fire from Gangster General Eric Holder and his Justice Department. The feds are complaining Seattle cops are too tough on criminals, although the tepid police reaction to the recent May Day riots makes the accusation sound a little questionable.

The Justice Dept. has issued a list of changes that they expect the city to make right away, the city is fighting back via the press.  “These timelines,” said a city spokesman, “can only be described as impossible, and prompt serious questions about the analytical thoroughness and organizational experience of those who proposed them.” 

James O’Keefe and his volunteers are still patrolling the polling places and documenting voter fraud. This week the Daily Caller reported that an O’Keefe volunteer has exposed some illegal aliens who have been voting for years in North Carolina. 

Speaking of voter fraud, the Pew Research Group has identified nearly two million dead people on the voter rolls. This news should give some encouragement to President Obama, who’s going to be needing every extra vote he can get this November.

A handful of US Marines have gotten in trouble for selling military weapons to criminal gangs. There seems to be a double standard at work here. Holder’s Justice Department has been giving military weapons to criminal gangs and no one has even been fired, much less jailed.

Here’s another difference between the Tea Partiers and the Occupy-Your-Town thugs. Various city governments have started tallying up the money they’ve spent cleaning up the feces and trash strewn around by the Occupy mob, and on police protection made necessary by all the extra crime. Los Angeles as spent nearly five million dollars already. Of course these numbers are only for the money governments have had to pay; they don’t include the money private citizens have had to pay after having their cars trashed by the Occupiers.  

And, in case anyone is still paying attention to Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, it now looks like she doesn’t even have the one Indian ancestor she claims to have.  Warren, in other words, is much whiter than George Zimmerman.

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