Racial Quota for Navy Seals (NFL Still Racist)

The NFL draft concluded on Saturday, and the players drafted look about like the players chosen by NFL teams every other year; all of them are male, only about 35% of them are white, and a significant number are of Polynesian ancestry. The NFL is not a government bureaucracy, so personnel decisions are made purely on the basis of the perceived ability of the players to do the jobs the teams hire them to do.

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Marine Corps Gives “Opportunities” to Women (NFL Still Sexist)

As several news outlets are reporting, the Marine Corps is going to start allowing women to attend its infantry officer training program, and take other steps aimed at qualifying more women for combat related positions. Clearly these changes are being made for political, rather than military, reasons. It’s one more example of Fuller’s Law: when the government is in charge, decisions are made politically.

Things are different in the National Football League, where decisions are made for practical reasons.

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Speculators and Gas Prices

Last week President Obama gave a speech in which he blamed “speculators” for the high gas prices that are causing so much pain for the middle class. The purpose of the speech was to divert voters’ attention from the Obama policies that have restricted our access to the fuel we need.

In making oil market speculators the villain, the President was either showing profound ignorance of both economics and history, or he was counting on the American people to be ignorant about those subjects.

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FDR’s Propaganda Programs

A few days ago I posted some thoughts on recent attempts of government bodies to force social change on the people of this country. In that post I mentioned in passing that President Franklin Roosevelt used to spend large amounts of the taxpayers’ money on propaganda in support of his administration.

Someone posted a comment asking for more detail on Roosevelt’s programs, and I’m happy to oblige.
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