Occupy Cleveland Members: Murder is Hip

In yesterday’s post I mentioned how President Obama and other liberals have tried to portray the Occupy movement as a liberal version of the Tea Party movement, and how Tea Party conservatives quite naturally find the comparison insulting.

In reality here are some very dramatic differences in behavior between Tea Party conservatives and Occupy Your Town liberals (in addition to obvious differences like personal hygiene and the power of coherent speech). Tonight I’d like to point out one of the biggest differences: Tea Partiers don’t try to murder random strangers.

Members of the Occupy Cleveland group, on the other hand, seem to think that trying to blow up a four lane bridge on May Day is an appropriate way to strike a blow against capitalism, or something. Police heard several members of the unwashed Cleveland group talking about their violent intentions, and started a surveillance. By May Day agents of the FBI had sold five of the radicals fake explosives. The feds say they arrested the Occupiers after one of them pushed a button that he believed would bring the bridge down.

At least one of the five accused terrorists holds a leadership role in the Occupy Cleveland group. The warehouse where the group congregates, and where some of the members apparently live, is leased in the name of Anthony Hayne, one of the accused would-be bombers.

On Tuesday several dozen Occupy Cleveland thugs supported the terror suspects by packing the courthouse where the alleged terrorists were arraigned. 

it goes without saying that Tea Party patriots don’t act this way. Meanwhile  President Obama, who had been pretty vocal in his support of the Occupy movement before May Day, has fallen silent on the whole subject.

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