Friday Links and Notes May 11

Happy Friday!

Here’s an interesting news item from the Washington Examiner. The Service Employees International Union, the public employees’ union that was so instrumental in getting President Obama elected in 2008, is paying four thousand dollars a month to provide Occupy DC with a suite of offices in our nation’s capital.

Given the violent tendencies of the Occupy movement, I can’t help but wonder if Attorney General Eric Holder will find some way to arm the Occupy mob with guns of every kind, as he did for Mexican drug lords under Operation Fast and Furious.

If anyone wonders why tea party conservatives in Indiana ousted Senator Dick Lugar in a Republican primary election, here’s your answer. President Obama and Veep Joe Biden are both mourning the loss of Lugar, who was such a strong ally the the President and the other Democrats.

  Bill Keller, one time Executive Editor of the New York Times, has written an unintentionally funny editorial for his ex-employer. He describes Rupert Murdock’s Fox News Network as “toxic,” which is pretty much how every liberal views the existence of a non-liberal news network, and then he goes on to make some statements that made me laugh out loud. First he says “My gripe against Fox is not that it is conservative,” then he said that it’s the lack of objectivity that bothers him so much, because “Partisan journalism,” is “not my thing.”

At the New York Times??

Here’s a good piece on how the federal government is cracking down on businesses that discriminate against violent criminals in their hiring practices. No, this is not a joke; I wouldn’t be able to make up anything this crazy. The government actually does this.

This week Thomas Sowell published a column that resonates with all the business and car owners here in Seattle who had their property smashed up by left wing thugs on May Day. Sowell makes the case that when politically correct, liberal mayors and police chiefs, like the ones we have here in Seattle, grant special leeway to left wing groups, they are denying the rest of us equal protection under the law, as guarantied by the Fourteenth Amendment.

I think Dr. Sowell has an excellent point. Heaven knows our downtown businesses didn’t get much “protection” last week.

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