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Why Leave Mexico?

America is the greatest country on earth, and it certainly is a far better country than Mexico.

That statement is so politically incorrect that some of my readers are probably offended by reading it, and would criticize me for making it; yet it is obviously true. Millions of Mexicans obviously think their country is inferior, that’s why they will do almost anything to escape their country and sneak into ours.
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God’s Agenda – And the Devil’s

In his brilliant book The Screwtape Letters, CS Lewis describes what he sees as the different visions God and the Devil have for the human race. God, says Lewis, wants us to be servants who can eventually become His sons, while Satan wants us to become mindless cattle who will eventually become his food.

Lewis was not talking about politics, but he could have been. Today in America the conservative vision is more or less what Lewis saw as God’s vision: each American functioning as an individual, taking responsibility for his own life and actions. The liberal vision treats “The People” as a herd of cattle, who need to be led and cared for by a supposedly elite group of politicians and bureaucrats.
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