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Will Democrats Trash the White House Again?

After all the left wing vandalism of May Day, I’ve just been doing a little Internet research about the vandalism in the White House when Bill Clinton’s aides were preparing to turn the place over to their Republican successors. There are any number of web pages on the subject, most of then on leftist sites. If you google the words “Clinton aides trashed the White House,” the first dozen or so hits are pages on left wing sites, all declaring that the White House vandalism story was a hoax perpetrated by lying conservatives.
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How White is George Zimmerman?

In yesterday’s post  I questioned the liberal portrayal of George Zimmerman as a white supremacist.

The media demonization of Zimmerman as a white racist has been so complete that Jesse Jackson was able to call it a miscarriage of justice when Zimmerman was released from jail on bail, pending trial. “Tomorrow Mr. Zimmerman’s freedom will be restored,” said Jackson, “This decision cheapens black life.”
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George Zimmerman is a White Supremacist?

The press continues to promote accusations of white racism against George Zimmerman, who was indicted for second degree murder in April after shooting black youth Trayvon Martin. Now, according to a Florida TV Station, Eric Holder’s FBI is threatening to charge Zimmerman with a federal “Hate Crime,” claiming that he “profiled and stalked” Martin before killing him.

George Zimmerman’s picture has been all over the media every day. Am I the only one who’s noticed that he doesn’t look like a white supremacist? Do people really think he looks like someone who could join the KKK or the Aryan Nations?
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Friday Links and Notes May 18

 Happy Friday, readers. It’s been another busy week for political news.

Here in Seattle the local police department is under fire from Gangster General Eric Holder and his Justice Department. The feds are complaining Seattle cops are too tough on criminals, although the tepid police reaction to the recent May Day riots makes the accusation sound a little questionable.
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