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“Occupy Seattle” and Vandalism

Since May Day, when the Occupy Wall Street crowd showed their true colors, I’ve been writing blog posts mocking the liberal claim that the Occupy mob is a legitimate and respectable political movement like the Tea Parties. Yesterday I made the point that Tea Partiers don’t try to murder random strangers by blowing up highway bridges. Today I’ll  make a few observations about the misanthropic thugs of Occupy Seattle.
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The “Julia” Vision: A Lifetime of Dependency

A power over a man’s subsistance amounts to a power over his will.  Alexander Hamilton

President Obama and his campaign team have shown us his vision for the American people with their “Life of Julia” campaign ad. It’s not a flattering vision; what the President offers voters in the ad is a lifetime of dependency. Conservatives have been pouring scorn on the “Julia” ad, while very few liberal pundits have been willing to defend it, because the ad is so obviously insulting to anyone with an ounce of self respect. 

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The Myth of the “Thomas Jefferson Bible”

In a recent post about less-than-honest college professors, I suggested that it’s a good idea to read Dr. Joseph Ellis’ writings on Thomas Jefferson with a skeptical eye, if you are going to read them at all. It’s been proven that Joseph Ellis is a shameless liar; he spent years telling his students made up stories about his experiences in combat in the Vietnam jungles, when in fact he never served in Vietnam, nor incombat, at all.

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