Supreme Court Upholds Churchs’ Rights

Every American who values religious freedom should be celebrating the Supreme Court’s recent Hosanna-Tabor Church decision.

The case was brought before the court by President Obama’s Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. The Commission sued a church-run school for firing a teacher who taught religious doctrine. The church had fired her for violating church doctrine by filing an earlier lawsuit in violation of the church’s teaching. (Chapter six of First Corinthians directs Christians to settle disputes with other Christians within the church, rather than in secular courts.)

Not content to lead a government takeover of the entire health care system, and take ownership of banks and car companies, President Obama seems to want to take over the churches as well.

Government involvement in religion is just about as un-American as anything could be. Americans have always cherished the right to make their own choices in religion. This was true even before the United States became a nation; many of the original colonists, especially in the northern colonies, came to the New World specifically because they were unwilling to accept government mandated religion. The very first clause the Founders put in of the Bill of Rights guarantied religions organizations freedom from government interference.

Fortunately the Supreme Court delivered a supreme rebuke to the President. The decision against the government was unanimous; even the two justices appointed by President Obama voted against this naked power grab by his administration.

The court, however, cannot be counted on to overturn every expansion of government power that comes before it. President Obama and his supporters in Congress will have to be defeated at the polls if this nation is to continue to rest on the foundation of freedom and individuality on which it was built.

While the Republican Party has frequently disappointed those of us who would like to see the government stop growing, the Democrats are clearly far worse. If President Obama is re-elected he can be expected to increase government power over more and more aspects of American life.

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  • Post piqued my curiosity. More details about the case itself would have been helpful and interesting.

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