Why Leave Mexico?

America is the greatest country on earth, and it certainly is a far better country than Mexico.

That statement is so politically incorrect that some of my readers are probably offended by reading it, and would criticize me for making it; yet it is obviously true. Millions of Mexicans obviously think their country is inferior, that’s why they will do almost anything to escape their country and sneak into ours.

It’s ironic that Democrats and other liberals are always the ones who fight to make illegal immigration easier and more comfortable. The great majority of illegal aliens come from nations, like Mexico, that have the very left wing policies that liberals advocate for this country. If left wing, big-government policies are so wonderful, wouldn’t it be better for Mexicans to stay right at home, and enjoy the supposed benefits of a government-run society, instead of coming up here to the capitalist United States?

Government-furnished health care is a Constitutional right in Mexico. While leftists like President Obama work to create a government-run health care system, and conservatives try to obstruct the process, Mexico already has what liberals in the US are fighting for.  Guns are illegal in Mexico, but here in the US liberals have all but given up on their goal of disarming the public. Mexico has no death penalty; liberals in this country are still trying to abolish it, with little success.

While liberals in the US wail about the “unconscionable” profits made by private sector oil companies, and think it’s necessary for the government to “keep our boot on their neck” when dealing with these profiteering villains, Mexico solved the “problem” of oil sector profits long ago. In 1938 President Lázaro Cárdenas nationalized all the oil companies. Supposedly wise and altruistic politicians have controlled the entire industry ever since. Natural gas is also controlled by the state-owned oil company.

Countless other services for which Americans have to depend on greedy private sector businessmen are controlled by the government in Mexico, either as govenment-owned companies or as government-regulated monopolies.

Yet somehow, despite all these supposed advantages, Mexico is a hell-hole whose own citizens want to flee to a more right-leaning country.

Conservatives, of course, would argue that the disfunction and suffering in Mexico are a very good reason to reject these leftist ideas in our own nation. If we let liberals have their way, America might soon be as backward and miserable as her southern neighbor. Then what will we do, flee north to Canada?

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