Commies are Losers, but Much-Admired Losers

It really is unfair that Ozzie Guillen got in trouble for saying he loves Fidel Castro. Admiration for Communism and affection for Communist dictators are considered normal in many sectors of American society, even if Cuban-American baseball fans are not one of those sectors.

In the opening scene of the move Patton, General George Patton (portrayed brilliantly by George C. Scott) growls that “Americans love a winner, and they will not tolerate a loser!” The General must not have been talking about American liberals when he said that.

 Communism and Communists are historic losers, yet American leftists still love them. And if there is anyone the left can’t tolerate, it’s the anti-Communists who defeated them.

It’s been twenty years since the Soviet Union sank ignominiously onto the “ash-heap of history,” and the record shows that the movement was both monstrously evil and pathetically dysfunctional; yet many mainstream liberals talk as if Communism were something to be proud of.

Even though rational people see Communism as disgraced in every sense of the word, liberals on every college campus proudly wear Che Guevara T-shirts. Hollywood actors make Fidel Castro sound like a god.

President Obama’s White House Communications Director compared Mao Zedong to Mother Theresa. It’s an odd comparison by any rational standard. Mother Theresa saved the lives of hundreds of Indians, and Mao murdered around sixty million Chinese. Speaking as a conservative, I don’t really see the parallel.

When President Obama was a youth his mentor was a Communist Party Member named Frank Marshall Davis. The President refers fondly to him as “Uncle Frank” in his autobiography.

Only a liberal could admire a movement whose defining characteristics are repression, murder, and failure.

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