Republican Disenfranchises Eric Holder

James O’Keefe has out-done himself this time. A few weeks ago volunteers for O’Keefe’s Project Veritas demonstrated how easy it is for dead voters to get ballots in New Hampshire. Now a Project Veritas volunteer has visited the polling place in Eric Holder’s district in Washington, DC. The volunteer, who is young and white, simply asked for Eric Holder’s ballot, and the poll worker handed it over.

Eric Holder, of course, is America’s black, silver-haired, sixty-one year old Attorney General.

Holder is also the person who has been using federal power to block implementation of a voter ID law in Texas, and threatening to do the same thing in other states. His stated rational for blocking voter ID laws is that, he says, America does not have a problem with fraudulent voting.

Mr. Holder continues to make that claim despite the documented cases of registered voters out-numbering residents, and of votes counted out-numbering registered voters; and despite documented cases where illegal votes determined the winner of a race. Now he has made the same claim after hearing about a poll worker handing his own ballot to the first young white dude who asked for it.

The real reason for the Gangster General’s objections to election reform must be something different from what he claims. Perhaps the real reason he wants voter fraud to remain as easy as it is, is that he knows Democrats are overwhelmingly the candidates who benefit from it.

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