Friday Links & Notes April 13

The Daily Caller had a good article on Wednesday about how the Obama IRS targets Tea Partiers for persecution.

Speaking of President Obama, he has again tried to wrap himself in the mantle of Reagan, claiming that Reagan would endorse Obama policies on taxes. And it’s not the first time President Obama praised Reagan.

On the global warming front, a group of 49 former NASA astronauts and scientists have written an open letter to NASA criticizing NASA’s politicization of research on the issue of climate change. The scientists who wrote the letter seem to agree with the thousands of other scientists who have signed the Global Warming Petition that there is no conclusive evidence that the global warming of the 80’s and 90’s was man-made.

┬áThat recent study by the National Association of Scholars continues to be much in the news. The study described how California’s universities put political indoctrination ahead of learning, and liberals are angry at the NAS for letting the cat out of the bag.

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