Global Warning and Real Science

Some old bones discovered in the little town of Sequim, Washington provided an interesting glimpse into the world of science last year. The bones were discovered in 1977, and ever since then archaeologist Carl Gustafson has insisted that the bones proved that humans were in North America eight hundred years earlier than other scientists thought. In 2011 modern research methods proved that Gustafson was right.

The interesting thing about this story is that Gustafson spent thirty-odd years promoting a theory that virtually no one else believed. Other scientists ignored him, some even laughed at him; but, because politics was not involved, no one attempted to punish Gustafson for heresy. No one tried to get him fired, or publicly insulted him.

The highly politicised debate about manmade global warming is very different. When it comes to global warming, the Scientific Method is ignored, and political ideology rules.

 Dr. Barry Marshall’s ulcer theory offers another example of the way true science is conducted. For years virtually everyone in the medical profession believed that ulcers were caused by stress and spicy foods; no one believed in Dr. Marshall’s theory that ulcers were caused by bacteria. No one attacked Dr. Marshall personally, because the freedom to disagree is at the very heart of the whole field of scientific inquiry.

Dr. Marshall and his partner, scrupulously following The Scientific Method, were finally able to prove that they had been right all along. The result of their iconoclasm was a Nobel Prize, not a pink slip or a torrent of insults.

The experiences of Dr. Gustafson and Dr. Marshall illustrate how science actually works, and underscore how un-scientific the whole Global Warming cult is. Only when the subject is politically charged is the word “science” used to enforce an orthodoxy and punish those who disagree.

The claim of manmade global warming is important to liberals who seek an excuse to make government larger and more powerful. If offers a rationalization for things like the various “Cap and Trade” bills that have been circulating through Congress, under which the federal government would take control of, quite literally, the fuel that fuels our modern lifestyle.

Because of the underlying political issues, a global warming scaremonger like Dr. Phil Jones can refuse to share his research data, yet still insist that his conclusions be accepted as proven fact.

That’s why the thousand of real scientists who have signed the Global Warming Petition, questioning the whole idea of manmade global warming, have done so at some risk to their careers.

It’s a threat to real science when politicians with PhD’s are willing to subvert the principles of honest scientific inquiry to justify an increase in government power.

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