Left Wing Religion – Government is God

John Hawkins published an interesting column this week about the hostility to Christianity that many left wingers harbor. Hawkins didn’t mention liberal hostility to Judaism in his column, but he could have. There is plenty of evidence that people on the left view both Old and New Testament beliefs with contempt and anger.

History professor (and hard core leftist) Eric Foner writes in his freshman history textbook that the Founding Fathers embraced the French Enlightenment idea that faith in God and the Bible are  “outdated superstitions that should be abandoned in the modern age.” Foner is basically lying when he attributes that attitude to the American Founders, although the French Revolution was based on these anti-religions ideals.

Karl Marx, who was ethnically Jewish, wrote that the only way to solve differences between Jews and Christians is “by abolishing religion.” Religion, said the Founding Communist, “is the opiate of the people.”

I get the impression that liberals view God and Government as rivals. When a Christian or religious Jew worships God, it is very difficult to teach that person to worship Government.

Arch-leftist Ralph Nader shows his quasi-religious reverence when he refers to the federal government as “our precious government.”

Jesus once said that “No one can serve two masters,” because  “Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.(Matthew 6:24) Jesus was talking about the worship of money when he said that, but in our modern world it seems that hard core leftists have the same kind of idolatrous relationship with Government that people have always been tempted to have with money.

The difference is that people who worship money don’t seem to be resentful of others who chose to worship God. People who worship Government can be downright nasty about it.

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