Friday Links and Notes 3/9

Happy Friday all. Lots of interesting news this week.

Roger Hedgecock of Human Events reported on Monday that one particular IRS office, in Cincinnati, has been badgering Tea Party and other conservative groups all around the country. “We’re from the Government and we’re here to help!”

As Muslim groups demand that courts in the US and Europe support elements of Islamic Law, the South Dakota legislature has crafted a law to defend the legal system from Islamic encroachment. Journalists and other liberals are complaining that laws like this will “unfairly stigmatize Muslims by signaling that their religious beliefs are dangerous to society and may gradually undermine American democracy.”

Unfairly? Anyone who’s read the Koran knows that its teachings are dangerous to society and antithetical to democracy. Back in 2009 I wrote a column about the Koran, which hits a few high points.

The Associated Press reported this week that Republican Presidential candidates spent ten million bucks in seven states in the run-up to the Super Tuesday primaries. Every time I hear statistics like this I think back ten years to 2002, when John McCain promised us that his McCain Feingold bill was worth all the restrictions on free speech that it imposed because it would “get the money out of politics.”

This item is a few months old, but well worth highlighting. The Fiscal Times reported in September that eleven percent of federal welfare goes to frauds and cheats.

 A conservative group just released a study which it says shows that movies showcasing traditional values and pro-American politics out-booked lefty movies:

Here’s another article from Human Events. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius now says private sector health care “is in a death spiral.”

Back in the late nineties I read Hillary Clinton’s book “It Takes a Village.” It’s pretty clear from the language of the book that the “village” that she thinks we need to trust to raise America’s children is Washington, DC. I’m always reminded of her faith in the wisdom and goodness of bureaucrats in the nation’s capital when I read news items like this one, which describes Washington DC as the nation’s adultery capital.

Come to think of it, DC also has one of the nation’s highest murder rates. Is it really such a good idea to trust inside-the-beltway types to run our lives for us?

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