Friday Links and Notes April 20

Ann Coulter’s column this week is a must-read. She goes through the history of gun control laws in America, going all the way back to 1640. It will probably surprise most readers to learn that the Ku Klux Klan and it’s supporters in Southern legislatures were strong advocates of gun control in the nineteen and twentieth centuries.

Human Events has published a Top Ten list of Gangster General Eric Holder’s abuses of power.

Speaking of the Gangster General, Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash has joined a hundred-odd other Congress members in demanding that Holder resign over his Fast and Furious misdeeds.

Mary Grabar has a good column about college professors who offer better grades to entice students to lobby state legislators on behalf of liberal causes.

The leftist group Media Matters has now made its agenda a  matter of public record.

Guy Benson has written a good column about officials in the Obama administration taking the Fifth rather than answer questions about their misdeeds. One of these days I should write a blog post about government officials taking the Fifth when asked about corruption, crime, or even treason. The scary thing is that very few government employees ever get fired for refusing to answer such questions.

Don’t miss my next post, which will be about the history and significance of Earth Day.

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