Democrat Voter Fraud Update

The hits just keep coming when it comes to Democrats and voter fraud.

Someone with a hidden camera picked up several ballots for New Hampshire’s Democrat Presidential primary using the names of dead voters.

Several Indiana Democrats were indicted for voter fraud committed during the 2008 elections. The fraudulent voter petitions were central to getting then-Senator Obama on the ballot for the Indiana primary.

In New York two Democrats are on trial for voter fraud committed during a 2009 local election.

James O’Keefe is actually being threatened with prosecution after posting videos that show how easy it is to vote under phony names in Vermont.  I wonder how many times an enterprising Democrat could actually vote in a Vermont election. I guess it would just be a question of how many different names he could think up.

In our nation’s capital, Gangster General Eric Holder continues to fight against voter ID laws.  Meanwhile Holder’s Justice Department won’t let you enter its building without picture ID. Neither will left wing groups like the Center for American Progress, despite their political opposition to voter ID laws.

And sure as heck, I’m going to get at least a couple of angry e-mails from loyal Democrats who read this post and tell me how unfair it is of me to talk about these things. (Past experience speaking here.) The beat goes on…

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