History of Women in Combat

The Obama Pentagon’s recent decision on putting female soldiers in harm’s way in combat zones is the latest example of the Left’s determination to use our military for something other than national defense. The sole Constitutional purpose of the military is to stand ready to defeat America’s enemies on the battlefield, but when leftists like President Obama get into the White House they quite often impose a less practical, more political agenda.
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History of Political Interference with Military Agendas

The recent news about the Obama administration putting servicewomen in combat zones is re-opening an old debate about the clash between practical and political agendas in military decision making. Radical feminism is certainly not the only political idea that ever interfered with a nation’s combat readiness; political agendas have plagued the world’s armies for centuries.
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Women in the Military – Policy Enslaved to Politics

The Obama administration announced last week that it is rolling back Army and Marine Corps policies that have kept female soldiers and marines out of combat areas. “This,” said one unnamed officer quoted by the LA Times, “is the opening salvo in the debate over assigning women to combat.”

This is another illustration of Fullers Law: When the government is in control, decisions are made politically. In this case the military is being used, not for the defense of the nation from foreign enemies, but as an institutional demonstration of the Politically Correct doctrine that men and women should fill identical roles in society.
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