Poll Worker: “I See Dead People”

Here’s a pretty funny video. Someone with a hidden camera picked up several ballots for New Hampshire’s Democrat Presidential primary using the names of dead voters. At one point he even offered to show ID to the poll worker, but the offer was spurned. Just the latest in a long line of examples of fraud-friendly polling places.

Democrats, of course, continue to staunchly resist any call for election reform. I’m waiting for liberals to coin a new term for discrimination against dead voters. Deceased-ism? Vitality-ism? Respiration-ism?

Whenever I write about the partisan nature of voter fraud I get angry e-mails and/or nasty posted comments from Democrats who don’t want the cat let out of the bag. One guy left a comment to an earlier post in which he accused me of making accusations without any documentation, even though my post had links to document every instance of partisan vote-rigging I mentioned.

So far no liberal has been able to post any examples of Republicans benefiting from voter fraud. I’d love to see the evidence, if it exists.

Of course my response to pro-Republican voter fraud, if it even exists, would be “That’s one more good reason for voter ID laws.”

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