Obama is No Reagan

In yesterday’s post I talked about President Obama amazingly flexible political principles. He, like all leftists, has spent a lifetime advocating judicial activism as a way to achieve liberal goals that the democratic process can’t produce, yet on Monday he had the chutzpah to demand that the Supreme Court refrain from overturning his unconstitutional Obamacare law because it would be an “unprecedented, extraordinary step” for the court to resort to “overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

As someone pointed out in a comment to that post, the current President is no Ronald Reagan.

Obama showed a similar willingness to give lip service to principles he’s always hated when he claimed, on March 15, that he’s been working to encourage increased oil drilling.  

That posted comment on Reagan reminded me of a story that shows how different that President was from this one.  Michael Deaver tells a funny story about Reagan. Deaver, who was the Assistant White House Chief of Staff, once had to bring Reagan some poll results showing that over 60% 0f the American people opposed his defense buildup. The Gipper’s response was to point at Deaver and say “this is your fault,” because Deaver hadn’t been arranging enough television and public appearances to allow Reagan to convince the American people of the rightness of his position.

A different President indeed…

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