“Motor Voter” Law Facilitates Fraud

Motor Voter and its Effects

In 1993 President Clinton signed the new National Voter Registration Act, aka “Motor Voter” law. It had passed through the House and Senate on a straight party line vote, and was criticized by conservatives and cheered by liberals. When the President signed the bill into law, Columbia University radicals Richard Cloward and Frances Piven stood at his side. Cloward and Piven had been urging Democrats to pass such a law since the mid 1980’s.  

With the passage of the law, irregularities in voting began to skyrocket.  In many parts the the country the number of voters registered began to exceed the number of eligable voters. And as if 105% of the eligible population is not enough, the number of votes counted in recent years can sometimes exceed the number of registered voters in places like Ohio and Nebraska, to name two.

This kind of election day math primarily happens in states and counties where Democrats are a majority. Nationwide, the number of registered voters is only around 71% of eligible voters. But in liberal states like Minnesota, dead and otherwise bogus voters abound.

 Provisions of the law

The 1993 law facilitates and encourages illegal voting in many ways. Through automatic registration of anyone who applies for a driver’s license, the law enrolls as voters legal aliens in all fifty states, and illegal aliens in those left-leaning states that provide drivers licenses to illegals. There have already been cases where it was proven that the votes of aliens determined the outcome of a race.

By forcing the states to print ballots in languages other than English, the law further facilitates voting by non-citizens.

Democrats claimed that the intention of this provision was to “enfranchise” American citizens who don’t speak a word of English, but this claim doesn’t pass the smell test. Under federal law, no immigrant can be granted citizenship until he or she passes an English proficiency test. If a voting age American citizen is unable to speak enough English to fill out a ballot, that person would have to have been born in the US, and lived for at least eighteen years, without learning how to communicate with his or her fellow Americans.

As various states try to clean up their voter rolls with voter ID laws, Democrats are predictably pulling out the old tried-and-true “you’re a  racist” tactic to try to block passage. Let’s hope the American people have enough sense to reject the name-calling and support efforts to re-establish the integrity of the voting process.

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