May Day’s Marxism Comes Out

The first day of May always brings out the leftist loonies of the world, who call it International Workers Day. Over the last several years the news media have tended to downplay the Marxist theme of the demonstrations that always take place on May Day, but this year might be different. It looks like the Occupy Wall Street crowd has been making its Marxist connections so obvious that even the New York Times will have a hard time not noticing.

May Day celebrations used to be a big deal in Communist countries. Before President Reagan consigned the Soviet Union to the ash heap of history, the Soviets celebrated May Day as a national holiday, with massive parade through Red Square. 

Here in the United States, Leftist groups like the Service Employees International Union have it both ways. When the SEIU marched with self-identified Communists on May Day, the press would report on the SEIU activity and ignore the Communist banners and signs.

When illegal aliens and their supporters demonstrated on May Day in recent years, the media would use fairly clever semantic tricks to publicize the demonstrations without mentioning the holiday at all. When May Day was going to fall on a Saturday, for example, news outlets like CNN would coyly report that  “Demonstrations in support of immigrants’ rights are scheduled Saturday in at least 21 states, the District of Columbia and two Canadian provinces,” without mentioning why the illegals had chosen that day for their protests.

It looks like the media will have to do things differently this May Day. This year the unbathed Occupy Wall Street hoard is going to make sure that no one can ignore their Marxist sympathies when they conduct their May Day demonstrations.

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