Good Friday Links and Notes

Religion is in the news as we head into this Easter weekend. During speeches he gave on Tuesday and Wednesday, Senator Orrin Hatch said that he expects the Obama campaign to attack Mormonism during the upcoming Presidential race. Ann Coulter has predicted the same thing in recent weeks.

I think Hatch is completely wrong. I’ll be shocked if anyone in the Obama camp makes any kind of public statement mocking anyone’s religion. Members of the administration may talk that way privately, but they’ll never expose those attitudes to the American mainstream.

Most liberal movements, from the various Cold War “peace movements’ to the “Environmentalist” movement to various racial grievance groups, are led by hardcore leftists who view religion with anger and contempt, but the leaders of these movements know they need the support of mainstream American liberals, most of whom are not hostile to religion. The leaders of the 1980’s Nuclear Freeze movement, to cite one example, did a fine job of recruiting ministers, priests, and rabbis to join their cause, because the leaders kept their anti-religious feelings to themselves.   

When a Bill Maher or a Melissa McEwan exposes his or her anti-religious malice in public, more moderate-tempered liberals quickly reassure believing liberals that they are still welcome on the left.

I expect the Obamunists to attack Mitt Romney on many fronts, but not on religion.

Speaking of President Obama, he is now suspected of altering the data to make it look like a “consensus” of scientists wanted him to impose his moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Congress has had to subpoena the White House in an attempt to get at the truth. Experts the President quoted as supporting the ban have come forward to say that they had told him just the opposite.

Another dishonest “environmental activist” in the news is Michael Mann. Mann, good liberal that he is, demands government money without any accountability, so he can use it to spread the global warming gospel.

Many conservatives have had a good chuckle at the President’s comments about the Supreme Court and his Obamacare law, but the best observations come, as they so often do, from Dr. Thomas Sowell. The President, says Sowell, has ” ability to say things that are demonstrably false, and make them sound not only plausible but inspiring.”

On Wednesday Michael Malkin exposed some new examples of pro-Democrat voter fraud. The next day showed how the very government agencies and left wing groups that decry voter ID laws as a crime against Humanity require ID at the doors of their buildings. Pretty funny stuff. Does this make Eric Holder’s Department of Justice “racist”?

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