Friday Links and Notes

Lots of interesting political news out there this week. The House Judiciary Chairman has warned Gangster General Eric Holder not to use a recent financial settlement from Countrywide as a political slush fund for the President’s reelection campaign. The chairman had better be careful about that. After Operation Fast and Furious, Holder has lots of heavily armed friends.

Speaking of funds, Rachel Alexander of Townhall catalogs some of the multi-million-dollar contributions Hollywood power brokers have made to leading Democrats. It’s always amusing, when reading about things like this, to remember how solemnly John McCain promised that his 2002 McCain Feingold law would “get the money out of politics.”

According to former Reagan aid Elliot Abrams, Newt Gingrich said nasty things about the Gipper back in the 1980’s. This won’t help Gingrich with Republican primary voters, most of whom remember Reagan fondly.

Steve Chapman takes and interesting look at several recent Supreme Court cases where the court ruled against the Obama administration, reigning in the administration’s tendency to trample civil rights while expanding government power. Even the two justices President Obama put on the court have been unable to support some of his more egregious offenses.

Those of us who love individual rights can thank the Supreme Court of the 1930’s for overturning many of the Roosevelt administration’s encroachments, and it looks like the current court is playing the same crucial role.

It’s earie how closely this administration mirrors FDR’s. Almost enough to make a guy believe in reincarnation. Obama’s statements on the role of government sound just like Roosevelt’s view: “an instrument of unimagined power for the establishment of a morally better world.” (Why couldn’t Reagan be the one to be reincarnated?)


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