Friday Links and Notes May 4

The House of Representatives is preparing to cite Attorney General Eric Holder for Contempt of Congress over his refusal to comply with subpoenas over his guns-to-gangsters program.

Speaking of Holder, his gun-running shows up on a handy list of abuses by Obama cabinet secretaries, put together by Victor Davis Hanson of

Human Events has a good article on the loss of five hundred million dollars via Medicare fraud. (Another day, another half-billion…)

Over in Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren continues to tapdance around the issue of her use of questionable “minority” status to get a gig at the Harvard Law School.   

A few weeks ago Rush Limbaugh got in trouble for making rude comments about a woman named Sandra Fluke, who testified before Congressional Democrats that she needs the government to force her insurance company to pay her thousand-dollar-per-year birth control bill. This woman has a future in Congress if she can spend that much money on something that normal people buy at a fraction of the cost.

I was reminded of Sandra Fluke’s plight when I read about the leftist in Kentucky who responded to a pro-life display of thousands of small crosses by draping condoms over twenty-five hundred of them. At Sandra Fluke prices, that’s about twelve thousand dollars’ worth of condoms!

Today’s last item is a must-read for anyone who has argued with a liberal friend about the “proven fact” of man-made global warming. Randall Hoven of American Thinker has condensed a lot of important data down to a very concise and readable form, to show how bogus man-made global warming claims are. Save this link and send it to your friends.

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