Friday Links and Notes March 23

Congress has scored the President’s vaunted “Buffett Rule,” under which high-earning Americans would have to pay a high rate despite any available deductions or credits, would raise next to nothing in revenues.

Nancy Pelosi has put to rest forever the old cartoon strip cliche about liars being struck by lightning, when she claimed that Obamacare is “ironclad constitutionally” and that its passage ” honored the vows of our founders.” Bystanders were seen ducking for cover when she said this, but no lightning bolt came down.

Cal  Thomas offers some well-worded thoughts on the New York government restricting donations to homeless shelters.

Gangster General Eric Holder, who has been spending taxpayers’ money on guns for Mexican drug gangs, has a history of trying to disarm the law-abiding. He said in 1995 that the government needed to “brainwash” the public to make them give up their guns.

Terrorists and other America-haters are often heard mouthing some of the same talking points used by American liberals. Here are some quotes from the late Osama bin Ladin, in which he bashes Fox News and laments the loss of Keith Olbermann.

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