Friday Links and Notes June 8

It looks like the news bombshell of the week is that President Obama joined a socialist political party in Illinois in 1996, then lied about it in 2008. The full story is supposed to come out in the June 25 issue of National Review.

While we all wait for more info on that, Gangster General (and Columbia University alumnus) Eric Holder continues his verbal tap-dance about Operation Fast and Furious.

Speaking of the Obama administration, the problem of security leaks has gotten so bad that the House and Senate are launching separate investigations. Even congressional Democrats are claiming that they want to find out who has been leaking our national security secrets to the media

 Right after Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin, Michael Barone published a pretty good column about how Walker ended the practice of automatically deducting union dues from the paychecks of every state employee without the employee’s permission. The money quote from his column is “Walker’s law ended this practice and gave public employees the choice of whether to pay union dues. The membership of AFSCME, the big union of state employees, fell from 62,818 to 28,785.”

It’s interesting how Democrats, who universally describe themselves as “pro-choice,” are always trying to take choices away from people.

Speaking of Walker and the government employees’ unions, ex-Obama aide Rahm Emanuel, a pretty liberal Democrat, is threatening to take on Chicago’s public employees’ unions more or less the way Walker did. The unions have been sucking the city’s coffers dry, and even Emanuel knows that the problem has to be addressed if the city is to survive.

Here’s one for the “I didn’t know that” file. Lawyer and talk show host Mark Levin has pointed out that the Speaker of the House of Representatives doesn’t have to be a member of the House. I had known that you don’t have to be a lawyer to be on the US Supreme Court, but I didn’t know that you could be the Speaker of the House without being a member.


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