Friday links and notes June 1

Is it June already? It must be; here in Seattle the days are longer and the rain is warmer.

Gangster General Eric Holder continues to be much in the news. His Justice Department has fired another salvo in its ongoing feud with the Seattle Police Department. The feds continue to insist that our local cops are too tough on crooks.

Perhaps all this hectoring by Holder’s people is having some effect. Local cops certainly gave the kid glove treatment to the Occupy Seattle thugs who trashed the city on May Day, and now, over the last several days, we’ve had a crime spree that’s made Seattle look like Chicago.

On the voting rights front, Holder has given a speech to black church leaders in which he asked them to oppose any effort by state governments to impose ID requirements for voters. According to a sympathetic writer at the liberal Slate website, Holder told the clergymen that being able to vote without identifying yourself is a “sacred right.” And he practices what he preaches. The Justice Dept. has been fighting hard against every state that makes any effort to require ID for voting.

If only Holder had been this concerned about voting rights when armed Black Panthers were menacing white voters at a poling place in Philadelphia. Holder insisted on letting the Panthers get off scot free after that episode.

On to other news. Things are getting tough for Elizabeth Warren, the fair skinned, blonde haired Massechusetts politician who claimed for years that she qualified for “minority” status because of her Cherokee Indian blood. Now a group of real Cherokee Indians have publicly renounced her claim in a website set up specifically for that purpose. 

On the national security front, The American Spectator just published an interesting article on security leaks in the Obama administration:  

In the must-read story of the week, Katie Pavlich explains how Congress exempts itself from the accounting rules the government requires everyone else to follow. This creative accounting method allows Congress to claim that the government’s annual deficit is “only” $1,300,000,000,000.

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