Friday Links and Notes Feb. 24

Lots of interesting stuff in the news this week.

On the Obamacare-vs-Catholics issue, Blogger Richard G. Williams confronts President Obama with a well-chosen George Washington quote. The Father of our Nation weighs in strongly against any  government that “might possibly endanger the religious rights of any ecclesiastical society.” 

Over on the other side of the aisle, liberal columnist Matthew Miller skips the whole question of religious rights. The US government, says Miller, should  take the whole question of health care insurance policies out of the equation by giving everyone British style “free” health care, including contraceptives and anything else anyone could want. He doesn’t tell us where the government is supposed to borrow the extra billion or so dollars per year that his scheme would cost.

On the Education front, a typically liberal college history professor says “good riddance” to the evil and racist “American Century.” This is a must read for parents with college-bound children, because it shows the kind of left wing radicalism that passes for normal on most college campuses. It also reminds me why I started this website in the first place.

Speaking of the radically leftist environment on college campuses, the Foundation for Equal Rights in Education is celebrating a landmark victory. Before the Barnes v. Zaccari decision, university administrators could violation the free speech rights of their students, lose lawsuits, and laugh about it while using taxpayers’ money to pay the plaintiffs. Now the Eleventh District Court has ruled that a university president who summarily expels a student for expressing the “wrong” opinions can be sued personally. The administrator, in other words, may lose some of his own money.  This changes the incentive picture dramatically, and is a huge victory for freedom of speech.

 Vanderbilt University, meanwhile, is celebrating its court victory over the advocates of religious freedom. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

Time Magazine complains that the Navy is choosing men for its elite SEALS force through a brutal training regimine that taxes the endurance of the candidates until most quit or fail. This system is unfair to non-whites, and needs to be replaced with a racial quota system, according to the social engineers at Time Magazine.

Meanwhile the Obama administration continues its pattern of outlaw behavior. While Gangster General Eric Holder is dodging questions about why his department used taxpayers’ money to arm Mexican drug gangs, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has ignored a subpeona relating to his role in the transfer of billions of dollars from the sinking Lehman Brothers to the still-alive JP Morgan.

All in all a pretty eventful week.

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