Friday Links and Notes April 27

The President has been blaming “speculators” for the rapid rise in fuel prices during his term. Meanwhile his own administration is implementing policies that actually do drive prices up. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar works tirelessly to increase gas prices. Thanks to Salazar, fuel production on federal lands has fallen to a nine year low.

Meanwhile, as Mona Charen points out, evidence continues to mount up that man-made global warming is a hoax.

In other news, college campus censorship has gotten so bad that even left wingers like Alec Baldwin are complaining about it. 

 At least one industry is thriving under the Obama presidency. Erika Johnsen reports that food stamp usage has doubled.

 Over at the Justice Department, bureaucrats working for Gangster General Eric Holder are getting tire of answering questions about the department’s illegal gun-running. One Justice official referred a too-inquisitive reporter to the ultra-left advocacy group Media Matters for answers.

The last item of interest this week is a Daily Caller piece about the importance of this November’s Presidential election. Conservatives who see Mitt Romney as less-than-perfect on certain issues should read this column about what’s at stake if President Obama gets four more years to put liberal radicals on the federal courts.

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