Americans Want Limited Government, Vote for Unlimited Government

Once in a while you see a poll result that’s really hard to figure out. According to a new Rasmussen poll, 92% of Americans “agree that it is important for there to be strict limits on government so that it cannot take away individual rights and freedom.”


Are these the same Americans who put Barack Obama in the White House, and made Harry Reid the Senate Majority Leader? Are these the same Americans who don’t complain when the government won’t allow car companies to sell them the cars they want? Are these the same Americans who re-elected virtually all of the Democrats in congress in 2010, after those Democrats passed a 2,700 page law giving government the power to control their access to health care?

Perhaps most voters really don’t have a clue what kind of government they are voting for when they vote. If that is true, people should learn to be more responsible before handling something as dangerous as a ballot. Most of us know that you should exercise care when driving a car or handling a gun, but perhaps people don’t understand that a vote is just as dangerous as a gun or a speeding car.

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