A Partisan Battle over Voter Fraud

The partisan battle over voter fraud continues to rage, and the Townhall website has several writers and columnists who are doing a pretty good job of covering it.

Elisabeth Meinecke has a good write-up research data about non-existant voters in Democrat-leaning districts in Texas. Voter records showed several thousand addresses, many of them for non-existent houses, at which large numbers of fictitious voters were registered. After the initial research, a suspicious fire burned many of the district’s records.

In response, Texas Republicans have pushed through a law that requires voters to show picture ID before voting. Gangster General Eric Holder has tried to block the law, claiming, predictably, that it is “racist.”

 And as Ken Blackwell reports, the NAACP h as asked the United Nations Human Rights Council to condemn voter ID laws like the one in Texas.

As I’ve said before, voter fraud is a purely partisan issue. Democrats are for it, and Republicans are against it. 




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