May Day’s Marxism Comes Out

The first day of May always brings out the leftist loonies of the world, who call it International Workers Day. Over the last several years the news media have tended to downplay the Marxist theme of the demonstrations that always take place on May Day, but this year might be different. It looks like the Occupy Wall Street crowd has been making its Marxist connections so obvious that even the New York Times will have a hard time not noticing.

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Sick Presidents and Media Cover-Ups

In recent posts I’ve complained about the partisan bias in mainstream news organizations. The major TV networks and newspapers clearly go to great lengths to find dirt on Republican presidential candidates. Where their is no dirt to be found, the press will take something mundane, like Mitt Romney paying the legally required tax rate on investment income, and portray it as some kind of scandal.

The media treat candidates from their own party very differently. Examples of media cover-ups for prominent Democrats are so numerous that they may take a few days to cover. for today I’ll just confine my comments to the issue of presidential health problems.
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