Mean Republicans “Disenfranchise” Dead Voters

As we approach another presidential election, the subject of voter screening is once again emerging as a purely partisan fight. Republicans are supporting laws that require a person to identify himself before casting a ballot; Democrats oppose such laws. Democrats accuse the Repubs. of trying to “disenfranchise” the downtrodden proletariat by making them show ID when they vote. The Republicans claim, with some basis, that they are only trying to “disenfranchise” illegal aliens, cartoon characters, and dead people. 

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John F. Kennedy: Right Wing Hero

“On the strength of our free economy rests the hope of all free nations.”  John F. Kennedy

When Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd of 1963, he was striking a blow for Socialism; but don’t expect to hear that in a typical college history class.

College professors and other leftist like to depict President Kennedy as a liberal, and the man who murdered him simply as a “troubled former marine,”1 whose motives are best left unexamined. In reality, Kennedy’s policies, both foreign and domestic, were so far to the right of the ideas in vogue on most campuses today that any honest appraisal would portray him as the enemy of everything most history professors believe in. The man who assassinated him, on the other hand, was a committed Marxist who saw Kennedy’s conservatism as a threat.

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