The Men Who Built America Episode III – Less than Accurate

The History Channel aired the third installment of its The Men Who Built America series Tuesday, and, like the first two, this episode was less than accurate. In my review of the first episode I describe the many creative liberties the producers took in their efforts to jazz up the stories for a television audience. The second part of this four part series was even more inaccurate, just “fiction in a period setting.”

The third part is not as completely un-historical as the second, but there are several places where accuracy is sacrificed for the sake of drama.
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Happy “Earth Hour”

This Saturday has been designated, by the crazy left wing “environmentalists” who determine such things, as the day for the first International Earth Hour.Concerned citizens of the Planet are supposed to get out of their cars, turn off their lights, and sit in the dark for an hour to show their unity with Nature.  The website designates 8:30 PM as the official start of Earth Hour, but does not specify whether that is 8:30 PM in one particular time zone, or 8:30 PM in each time zone on Earth. Perhaps there are 24 Earth Hours; it’s hard to say.

One thing is sure. Any and all Earth Hours will take place on March 31, the birthday of global warming Profit of Doom Al Gore.
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