Why Oswald Killed Kennedy

Coexistence with Communists is neither possible nor honorable nor desirable.” Joseph McCarthy

In November of 1963 an American Communist named Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Bureaucratic apathy, and misplaced ideas of tolerance, allowed Oswald to commit this crime; by which he removed from office a staunch anti-Communist hated and feared by the Kremlin.  But don’t expect to hear that in a typical college level history class.

Most history professors and textbook writers are leftists who are very reluctant to acknowledge any connection between Communism and anything bad. Mainstream historians like Dr. Eric Foner show more sympathy for Soviet agents who lost their jobs in the US government after being exposed, than for the millions of innocent people, President Kennedy included, who lost their lives at the hands of Communists during the twentieth century.

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