Columbia University Today

“The problem for the world today is how to deal with the unparalleled and unprecedented power of the United States.” Professor Edward Said

Last week’s HistoryHalf post  described Columbia University’s historic role as a meeting place and recruitment center for Soviet sympathizers  and agents during the Cold war. From 1917 through the late 1980’s, Soviet Communism was a great unifying cause for leftist radicals, and Columbia was the most Moscow-friendly of all the universities in the United States. The Columbia scholars profiled last week all communicated with the Soviet government through one channel or another, and most of them actually worked as spies.

This week’s column is about left wing extremists at Columbia who were never known to have worked directly with the Soviets. The world is full of anti-American, anti-democratic, anti-capitalist movements, some of which were never closely connected to the Communist International or the Soviet Union; and Columbia professors and grads have been among the leaders of most of them.  

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