Are Reds Really Green?

Yesterday I used the term “watermelon” to refer to left wingers who dress themselves up as environmentalists. I can’t take credit for the term; I heard it for the first time while listening to conservative talk radio years ago. It refers to a person who is “green” on the outside but red on the inside.

I was referring to the organizers of Earth Day, who chose Vladimir Lenin’s birthday for their “environmentalist” holiday, and chose Lenin’s hundredth birthday (April 22 of 1970) as the first Earth Day.
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Happy “Earth Hour”

This Saturday has been designated, by the crazy left wing “environmentalists” who determine such things, as the day for the first International Earth Hour.Concerned citizens of the Planet are supposed to get out of their cars, turn off their lights, and sit in the dark for an hour to show their unity with Nature.  The website designates 8:30 PM as the official start of Earth Hour, but does not specify whether that is 8:30 PM in one particular time zone, or 8:30 PM in each time zone on Earth. Perhaps there are 24 Earth Hours; it’s hard to say.

One thing is sure. Any and all Earth Hours will take place on March 31, the birthday of global warming Profit of Doom Al Gore.
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Friday Links and Notes March 30

Victory for Gun Rights:  The Second Amendment Foundation has won another court case. This time the unconstitutional law that had to be struck down was in North Carolina, where the state had made it illegal to carry guns during a “declared emergency.” The state government, in other words, had given itself the right to disarm all its law-abiding citizens by a simple declaration. 
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Global Warning and Real Science

Some old bones discovered in the little town of Sequim, Washington provided an interesting glimpse into the world of science last year. The bones were discovered in 1977, and ever since then archaeologist Carl Gustafson has insisted that the bones proved that humans were in North America eight hundred years earlier than other scientists thought. In 2011 modern research methods proved that Gustafson was right.

The interesting thing about this story is that Gustafson spent thirty-odd years promoting a theory that virtually no one else believed. Other scientists ignored him, some even laughed at him; but, because politics was not involved, no one attempted to punish Gustafson for heresy. No one tried to get him fired, or publicly insulted him.

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Liberals Still Oppose Missile Defense

The President made news on Monday when he inadvertently let a news microphone pick up his negotiations with Russian President Medvedev over the subject of the European missile defense system. President Obama implied that he would be willing to kill the missile shield program once his re-election campaign is over and he is safely back in the White House.

It’s no surprise that President Obama would be willing to kill the life-saving program. American leftists have been fighting against the idea of a missile shield ever since President Reagan first proposed it on March 23 of 1983.

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