History of Voter Fraud

I’ve gotten some spirited feedback on yesterday’s blog post, in which I said that the Democrat Party works hard to facilitate voter fraud. In fairness to my readers I should probably offer up more data in support of the accusation.

Fortunately there is plenty of data to adduce. Democrat Party machines have been stuffing ballot boxes for at least sixteen decades. I’m not saying that Repubs. have never been guilty of election day crimes, but history shows that the Dems have been far more successful at it.

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Mean Republicans “Disenfranchise” Dead Voters

As we approach another presidential election, the subject of voter screening is once again emerging as a purely partisan fight. Republicans are supporting laws that require a person to identify himself before casting a ballot; Democrats oppose such laws. Democrats accuse the Repubs. of trying to “disenfranchise” the downtrodden proletariat by making them show ID when they vote. The Republicans claim, with some basis, that they are only trying to “disenfranchise” illegal aliens, cartoon characters, and dead people. 

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Should the Government Lead Social Movements?

For the first hundred-and-fifty-odd years of the United States’ existence, it was a land of rugged individuals. The nation was founded on the idea that “that government is best that governs least,” and self-reliance and self-respect were the defining characteristics of Americans.

But over the last eighty years or so Americans have been progressively allowing the government to play a bigger and bigger role in their lives. With the passage of Obamacare in 2010, Americans have granted to the national government the power to control their access to health care. If the Democrats’ various “Cap and Trade” proposals are ever put into effect, we will have given the government the power to control our access to the fuel that makes our modern lifestyle possible.

But even more frightening than the government’s assumption of these new legal powers is its assumption of a leading role in changing the values and beliefs of ordinary Americans.

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