What is a Conservative?

A reader asked me an interesting question the other day. Why, she asked, does almost every political issue have a well-recognized “conservative” and “liberal” side? Why should the great majority of conservatives agree with each other on subjects as diverse as abortion, tax rates, capital punishment, gun control, illegal immigration,  foreign aid, and campaign finance; and why can we count on the great majority of liberals taking the opposite side?
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A Government of Laws, or of Men?

“The very definition of a republic is ‘an empire of laws, not of men’.” John Adams

Several of the founding principles of this nation have come under fire from liberals in recent years. One of them is John Adams’ definition of a republic. Adams and the other Founders all believed, as modern day conservatives do, that a nation should be governed by laws; laws written on paper, clearly defined, easily understood, and universally acknowledged.
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